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fruity rumpus asshole factory


A great injustice has been done!!!!


god: let there be light!

boy: haha and then what? (;

It’s moving day.

this is the the greatest thing ive ever read



…it gets better

Anonymous Asked:
Woah youre handsome!!

My answer:

Woah thanx nice anon! I’ve never really used that word for me before / had it used for me before!

(Where do these nice anons keep coming from though??)

"So what if I’m wearing my partner’s boxers as shorts, moving is hard ok?"


Well, now that I’ve had dinner and been sufficiently triggered, I’m gonna get back to moving! 

Also I’m sunburned. Who wants to rub aloe on my face while I watch x-files and cry?

Well, now that I’ve had dinner and been sufficiently triggered, I’m gonna get back to moving! 



I want to make it very clear that I don’t want anyone to contact irlflamedemon about that. She’s apologized.

But I am leaving that response up as a very clear, detailed reason why literally nobody should ever attempt to defend Raine to me, or question their status as an abuser, ever. 

honestly, the fact that she privately apologized to you doesn’t really subtract at all from the fact that she publicly attempted to discredit me as a victim of rape and intimate partner violence / publicly  encouraged people not to believe me and my lived experiences / accused me of being a lying transmisogynist just because my abuser is a nb trans woman

this person (irlflamedemon) is definitely a scary rape apologist tbh, “apology” or not

I understand that, and largely agree — she definitely deserves to be held responsible for her actions.

I’m simply asking people not to message her on my behalf in response to this (because it makes me very uncomfortable when people do that), for reasons that I do not feel comfortable publishing here. I’ll message you. 

I want to make it very clear that I don’t want anyone to contact irlflamedemon about that. She’s apologized.

But I am leaving that response up as a very clear, detailed reason why literally nobody should ever attempt to defend Raine to me, or question their status as an abuser, ever. 

irlflamedemon Asked:
Considering that person was degendering her, and considering apparently people believe this is untrue, and considering no one else except that one person is saying she's like that and considering she is a TRANS woman and trans women are quite often targeted for slander like that, I don't fucking know what to think.

My answer:

Heads up, I am not responding to this nicely, but I am responding to it publicly because I do not want another message like this again, from anybody, EVER. I am also not responding to this nicely for several other reasons, the biggest of which is laid out at the bottom of this post.

SO number one, nobody degendered Raine. Like, I’m not even sure how you got that idea. THEY IDENTIFY WITH NONBINARY THEY/THEM PRONOUNS. It was made clear at the bottom of the post that they are a NONBINARY trans woman. 

Number two, I know Raine personally. I have been abused by Raine personally. I have been manipulated and gaslighted by Raine personally. 

They are an abusive piece of shit rapist / abuser who uses their experiences as an abuse victim, a queer individual, and a disabled individual to manipulate and control those around them, while using their interest in the kink community as a way to make consent, basically, not real.

"That person," by which I assume you mean the person who wrote the post, is a very good friend of mine who was the victim of Raine’s abuse for a very long time. My partner and I have both witnessed this.

Number three, yes, Raine is a nonbinary trans woman. Unfortunately, they are also a goddamn rapist, because those two facts are not mutually exclusive. 

As was stated in that one post, Bunny had to delete their previous blog with the previous callout. However, I’m sure I can dig it up, and you can see the several other people who have had bad experiences with this individual.

However, I want to really, really address the severity of the rape apologism that this ask WREAKS of, and ask you to take a moment and ask yourself why you felt the need to discredit a victim you don’t know. 

By the way, I want to PERSONALLY thank you SO much for coming into MY ASK and defending one of MY SEXUAL ABUSERS to ME. 

Edit: I also really want to know what “considering apparently people believe this is untrue” means. Like, does this mean that people disbelieving an abuse victim about their abuse makes it less true? Please explain that bullshit to me. 




The above pictures are dated from April 25th 2014 (top) and May 1st 2014 (bottom)

This is Raine (legal name: Leslie Renee McAllister. They are also know as many other names, which are listed below). 

They are an abuser, rapist, and child predator who was previously living in Olympia, Washington. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Raine is currently homeless and their last known residence was camping in the yard of the track house, a punk house that regularly hosts house shows in downtown Olympia. The track house has been contacted via their facebook page and informed of Raine’s status as an abuser and rapist, but with no response from anyone who lives there / is associated with it as a venue. 

In an unsolicited email that Raine sent me on July 23rd, they stated that they are leaving Olympia. I have no way of confirming this. However, in the past they have traveled and lived across the United States - staying primarily with friends along the way.

It is possible that they are traveling across country again or that they have moved to another city in or out of Washington.

It is also possible that they were lying / attempting to manipulate me and that they are still living in the Olympia area.

They have used and continue to use many different names both online and offline and have changed their name many different times just in the 3 years i have known them, often using several names at once. They are also likely to give different names to different people or to use different names in certain social situations.

For this reason, I am going to list the names they are currently using and have used for easier identification.

  • Raine (no last name - currently using, has a facebook account in this name)
  • Unicorn / Yuna Corne / other spelling variations (currently using, has a facebook account in this name) 
  • Zyra (may or may not be currently using, former fetlife username) 
  • Edward Ashley / Edward Ashley Barnes (Raine’s birthname, used as recently as early 2014, has stated they intend to use it in the future, has released and performed music under this name)
  • Leslie Renee McAllister (this is Raine’s legal name, may be currently using in some situations) 
  • Kanaya / Kanaya Maryam / other variations (may or may not be currently using. Used primarily online or in Homestuck cosplay and at meetups, but not limited to this setting. Used as recently as April 2014)
  • They also have multiple names they’ve used in the past that i do not know / can’t remember
  • Are likely to use new names or other names not listed here, either currently or in the future.

I made a post once before outting them as an abuser, rapist, and child predator, but i had to delete my previous blog due to harassment and stalking. The purpose of this post is to provide updated information about them, their current location, their violent behavior, and information that can be used to identify them so that people have the option of avoiding them. 

This post is really long and full of triggering content, so I am putting the rest of it under a readmore. 

Under the break, you will find:

  • a brief description of Raine’s abusive behavior (from my point of view as both their victim, former long term friend, and former partner)
  • their current usernames for facebook, tumblr, and fetlife
  • additional physical description of them
  • information that could be useful in identifying them and avoiding them both online and offline / in person

I am also willing to answer respectful, appropriate questions about my experiences of abuse by this person and about this person’s abusive pattern.

Reblogs / signal boosts are appreciated, as i would like this information to be circulated widely so folx can identify and avoid this person.

Read More


It’s been over a year since my last giveaway, so I think it’s about time for me to host another :) Click the images for a larger view.


  • Silver crescent moon necklace with an amethyst crystal briolette
  • Blue flash labradorite pendant, handmade made by me (chain included)
  • Rose quartz heart
  • Midnight goldstone star
  • Raw celestite crystal
  • Raw green calcite
  • Tumbled amethyst
  • Tumbled moonstone
  • One antique key from this lot: (see photo)
  • Corked glass bottle containing mixed gems (amethyst, carnelian, red garnet, sodalite, and quartz)

Rules and Qualification:

  • Reblog this post to enter the giveaway, that’s it!
  • Likes do not count, though it’s fine to like this to bookmark the post.
  • Please be courteous — don’t spam reblog. This will disqualify you.
  • Deleting or altering the text of this post will disqualify you.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter, as per tumblr guidlines.
  • Your ask box must be open for me to contact you, if you win.
  • You must be willing to give me a shipping address to send the prizes.
  • The winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner shall be chosen.
  • So I know that you’ve read these rules clearly, tag this post with “magicbunnies” when you reblog it. 
  • You don’t have to follow me, though it’s appreciated if you like my blog!

Other Info:

  • This giveaway ends on Friday August 22nd, 2014 at 11 pm EST.
  • The winner will be chosen at random with random.org for fairness — I will keep very close track of the notes.
  • The worth of this giveaway is about $55 USD.
  • I will pay for shipping expenses, including international shipping.
  • It’s okay to reblog this post more than once, but like I said, please don’t spam.
  • I’ll likely be including some surprise goodies as ideas come to me.
  • All of the crystals featured are natural and untreated, besides the sparkly goldstone.
  • Do you like the jewelry featured? You can view more of my work at my shop.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Good luck and take care!






feelin good today

looking fat today

lookin fat everyday :)

The most perfect response.

omg you’re so cuuttee

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